Wall Insulation

Wall Insulation in Syracuse, NY

Densely-packed cellulose is very effective at stopping air infiltration through walls. This, in turn, provides your home with greater comfort by eliminating drafty walls and increases energy efficiency. Walls are fully and tightly insulated, forming a thermal barrier against the elements.

Since walls are full of oddly-shaped cavities, which allow for pipes and wiring, it is imperative to completely fill around these obstructions. This will allow your insulation to function in the proper manner.

It takes practice and understanding to properly dense-pack the walls of a home. Our insulation is blown into the interior wall cavities from the outside by carefully removing the required amount of siding material. This material is then replaced once we’re through.

We can work with each of the following housing materials:

Wood Clapboard Siding

Aluminum Panel Siding

Wood Shingle Siding

Vinyl Siding

Cement Fiber Panels

Asphalt Panels

Stucco Exterior

Dutch Lap

Inside Garage Warm Wall

Board & Batten

Vertical Siding

Brick Veneer Walls

Flash-Foam Cellulose

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